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The Benefits of Black Rice

Black Rice, levels of flavonoids in pigment multiplied five times higher than ordinary rice. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, anemia, and uric acid can overcome this rice.

In history, black rice consumption is taboo for ordinary people. Its presence only in the royal or aristocratic dish as a complement to traditional rituals. Not only in this archipelago is valid, Imperial China also imposed similar requirements.
Investigate a calibration, black rice was exceptional, can overcome and prevent many complaints. Laboratory analysis results of the Food and Nutrition Inter-University (PAU) UGM show, black rice protein content 7.88%. Higher than 6.8% of white rice. However, the carbohydrate content of only 74.81%, slightly lower than the 78.9% white rice

Brown rice has many health benefits for our bodies. Similarly, black rice is known to prevent and cure various diseases. Black rice can only be found in Asia, and did not experience the milling process many times as is done on plain white rice.

Research in China, black rice had higher levels of vitamins, micro element, and amino acids that are higher than all the rice that we normally encounter.

Black color indicates that rice has a high pigment. These pigments contain aleurone and endospermia that can produce anthocyanins that are useful as substance anti-carsinogenic, increased levels of platelets and has a high antioxidant.

These pigments are also rich in flavonoids which may prevent hardening of the arteries. Levels of flavonoids substances contained in the black rice five times higher than the flavonoid substances contained in ordinary white rice.

Black rice are high in fiber. You are eating black rice will feel full longer.

Black Rice has a variety of benefits, including:

* Increase endurance.
* Improve liver cell damage in cases of hepatitis and cirrhosis (hardening of the liver).
* Preventing disease that disrupt kidney function.
* Prevents cancer and tumors.
* Natural antiaging.
* As an antioxidant.
* Cleaning of cholesterol in the blood.
* Prevents anemia.
* Prevent dengue fever that can lead to the decrease in blood platelets.

Cempo Ireng
Black rice cultivation is not as popular as white rice. However, the Working Group of Peasant Communities People Adil Makmur Sejahtera Merdeka (rames) Sleman, Yogyakarta, has been doing since five years ago. The extent of unmitigated, 15 ha includes Waterford County (Central Java) and Sleman (Yogyakarta). Black rice varieties are planted named Cempo Ireng.
Chief of Pokja Rames, Drs. Rames Working Group Chairman, Danarto, SH, stated, Ireng Cempo varieties can produce 3 tons of dry milled grain per hectare with a yield of 55%. "Although the time for a little longer, but the selling price is high," he explained. He claimed it kept coming rice demand.
In a separate place Jamasto, Chairman of Farmers Group Facilities Makmur Sleman, who is also seeking Cempo Ireng reveal, cultivation is done semi-organic varieties. Chemical fertilizers were given half the dose of rice plants in general. "The spirit of cultivating Cempo Ireng is to conserve and develop the local rice, produce healthy food, while improving soil fertility," he said.

Products Ready for Consumption

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